My Sisterlocks continue to thrive, even in during this pandemic. Thanks to God, I have managed to stay well and strong during the last six months, and my locs are maturing, greying, and growing each day.

It’s Labor Day! Now that I’m four years in and several of my friends are also loc’ed and loaded, I sometimes wonder why I didn’t lock my hair sooner. Without a doubt, before I got my install, I thought traditional locs were my only option. The maintenance of traditional locs didn’t appeal to me because of the product required, and the maintenance cost of Sisterlocks initially caused me to pause. As a professional educator, I knew I had to pay someone to “do my hair” on a regular basis (unless I wanted to use boxed relaxers at home and risk long-term damage, skin and scalp burns, limp strands).

For me, Sisterlocks has been such a wholesome expression of my own natural beauty and personal freedom that I have forgotten how it feels to wake up and wonder what to do with my hair. My installation and six-weeks’ maintenance cost has paid for itself many times over in less preoccupation and in fewer hours of sitting and waiting to be acknowledged, seen, assessed, shampooed, relaxed, dried, styled, sprayed, spritzed, and rescheduled to do it all again the very next week.

Ponytail Love: First Week of Virtual Learning – Wednesdays are always a good day to represent my Sorority ♥️🤍
Long Hair, Don’t Care: My Hair Appears Long in the Front, But It’s Actually Longer in the Back

Living with longer locs brings different concerns. I am not able to sleep with my locs free-flowing as I once enjoyed. Now, I must pull them up, away from my face at bedtime, to keep my face and skin hair-free. Every now and again, I can take a nap with my locs loose, but it’s rare.

After a Nap: The Secret Is to Push My Locs Off My Face
Ready for Night Night

My school district mandates the use of Microsoft TEAMS as our virtual learning platform. I’m constantly visiting virtual classrooms, so my hair needs to be neat and tidy. Updos and ponytails work on most days. But when I want to be free…

Footloose and Fancy Free
Braid out Beauty

Since my June reti and previous blog entry, I’ve had another reti. I have another reti scheduled in a few days-for Saturday, the 12th of September. Here are pictures from my July 31st session:

Living in a virtual world affords my hair all of the graces of indoor protection, temperature control and comfort, and freedom from the harshness of the Memphis heat and sun. I’m going to continue to allow my hair to grow and flourish under the watchful eyes of Zoom and Teams lenses. You never know who is admiring your journey and trying to decide if they want to take a magic carpet ride with you!

Until next time,

Andi D😘

10 responses to “Living in a Virtual World…with Sisterlocks!”

  1. TONYA JORDAN Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your sisterloc journey. I am 7 weeks in and enjoying my own journey. I feel more beautiful than I have in a long time. Thank you my sister for your encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Tonya, I’m so happy that you have found that same freedom and self-love that I have found through my journey. I truly wish I transitioned in my 30’s, when I was just “becoming.” Best of luck to you! ♥️😘


  2. PAM Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I am 1 month in, and I will admit I did not like the look after my sisterlocs were done. I have now embraced them and can see the growth and change already. I am so ready to continue my journey

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Pam, it is really a journey. I loved my locs from the moment of install, mainly because I felt empowered. When I think about that time, almost five years ago exactly, I’m amazed by the ease. I truly have 99 problems, but 384 locs ain’t a one! 💙 Best of luck to you! A year from now, you’ll be amazed by the growth and fullness of your babies. 💙


  3. Margie Nelson Avatar

    I just love your sister locs and want to get them myself. Yours are really growing. How do you maintain your locs? Please let me know my sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thanks, Margie! My loc maintenance is pretty low and carefree:
      1) Faithful retis every 6 weeks;
      2) Sleep on satin pillowcase;
      3) Rosewater spritz every other day (or so); and
      4) Cleanse with a clarifying shampoo every 15 days (or so).
      It really is the best hair decision for me!


  4. Kristi Gunn Avatar
    Kristi Gunn

    Hi Andi, thank you so much for sharing your sisterlocks journey! My establishment was in June 2020 and so far, it is the best decision. Your journey is encouraging and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      A year from now, you’ll be shocked by the growth!


  5. Kimberley Ephraim Avatar
    Kimberley Ephraim

    Hi Andi. Your locks are beautiful. Your story had inspired me to get my Sisterlocks installed. I am a week in and the changes I see are so awesome. I know that this is the beginning and I am glad to connect with other sisters. Thanks for sharing your journey.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      It’s going to be an amazing journey for you! 🥰 To me, the baby loc stage was simply the best!


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