Juneteenth Reti – June 2020

“Black freedom is, in the words of Harlem Renaissance writer Ralph Ellison, a ‘gaudy illusion.’ Juneteenth is more illustrative of the enduring hope of an oppressed people than an observance of Black emancipation.”
~ Tamara Winfrey-Harris, Author

In celebration of Juneteenth, today I supported several black-owned businesses, indulged in self-care, checked in with loved ones, and spent time with my momma.

Retightening from today (nine pics above) was a fantastic way to take care of myself. 🥰

Until next time,

Andi D😘

4 thoughts on “Juneteenth Reti – June 2020”

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  1. I have read every single blogpost here and appreciate the depth in which you covered your experience. It’s very helpful for me as I confirm my decision to embrace the world of Sisterlocks!

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