One of the great things about rounding out the first year is the growth you experience in Year Two of Sisterlocks. My hair has grown tremendously over the past six months, and as I reach my second year anniversary in July, I’m looking forward to how much my hair will evolve over the next five months.

I had my last retightening, the first one of 2018, on January 6, 2018. Below are pictures of my retightening and the six-week return of my grid. Excuse my lack of make-up; a little bit of sunscreen is about all I can muster on retightening mornings.

I’m starting to get a little “hang-time” now. When I compare this picture from July 1, 2017:

to this one from February 10, 2018, the growth is evident.

My second retightening for 2018 was today, Sunday, February 18th. Here are a few “before” pictures as I stood in the elevator on my way to the salon:

Clearly, my grid is hidden with six weeks of new growth.

During my retightening, here is a shot of the back of my head as she is working her magic:

A few more shots of the retightening’s completion:

My consultant has strategically placed my locs above so that you can see the edges and the precision of her work. Each time I visit her salon, I’m more pleased with the end result.

My next retightening is scheduled for Good Friday. Have a great Spring Break!

Until then,


4 responses to “Hangtime…Well, Almost!”

  1. Soni Avatar

    Thank you for your biog. I have been considering sisterlocks for a couple years. I finally bit the bullet and had 421 installed between June 11-June 17. So far, I have NO regrets and am embracing my journey, with my two older sisters. One finished her install a week prior to me and the other a week after me. We are all recently retired educators and we’re excited about our locked lives!!! Your pictures are an inspiration!


    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      How wonderful!! It is great that you all can take this journey together-and you’ll find that each of you will have a very different experience in how you look, feel, embrace, and care for your locs. Patience is key; don’t rush the process…just let it happen. Good luck to you all! Please come back!


  2. Plain Jane Sisterlocks Avatar

    Hi Andi,
    So lovely to see the beautiful pictures of your hair & the progression.
    Time flys so quickly, with Sisterlocks and I can’t believe you’re nearing two years whoop whoop!
    You & your hair look healthy & gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LB Avatar

    I can not believe you exist!!! Thank you for your blog!!! Gosh I can relate so much to this blog all the way to your husband not liking short hair. I am 41 and also sweat like a pig and I was wondering how my locs will hold up and finding your blog was heaven sent! I mean I share so many of your concerns. I am a professional, wanting to get in better general health, concerned how my husband would feel, sweat like crazy, and enjoy some of the same interest. I literally hate dealing with the process of my hair trying to maintain a straight look or putting weave in. Thank you, thank you! My appointment is in one month and I can not wait! You really helped solidify my decision.

    Liked by 1 person

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