Retightening Day is a “Good Friday”

Before my next retightening, which is in 10 days, my locs are in need of some love. It was wash day on Sunday night, 3/18:

My locs are a bit drier than normal on wash day and the following day, but by day two (post wash day), my hair looks and feels the way it normally does. At month 21, my locs are still evolving.

Today is Good Friday, and my retightening is done!

The back of my hair is filling out nicely; it looks as if it is layered, and people ask me about my haircut all the time. My hair has never been cut. When I had my TWA, my hair was in a tapered cut, and my locs have grown out in that same cut from install. My consultant’s work is immaculate! She touches EVERY SINGLE LOC. You know the deal…no real makeup on reti day. 😘 I was poking around all morning. Now that my reti is done, I can enjoy the rest of my Spring Holiday.

My next retightening is scheduled for six weeks. I’ll be back with a little more length and definitely more pictures to chronicle my locs.

Until then,

Andi D. 😘

4 responses to “Retightening Day is a “Good Friday””

  1. Plain Jane Sisterlocks on Youtube Avatar
    Plain Jane Sisterlocks on Youtube

    Hey 👋🏽
    Your hair looks great and appears to have some lovely layers …. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Plain Jane on Youtube Avatar
    Plain Jane on Youtube

    I can definitely see the growth as I catch up on your journey – the layered look, looks really pretty as it grows and will continue to show your beauty💕💕
    Whoop whoop 2 years approaching- time goes so quickly!


  3. crownedsisterlocks Avatar

    I can’t wait for the day i can wash without banding! Must be soooo nice, Lol. Your locks look awesome! Have a blessed Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you, CrownedSisterlocks!


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