My Five-Year Locversary came and went: July 26th, primarily because I was in the throes of next school year planning with a new administration and emotionally/physically exhausted from very little rest or relaxation at the end of the last school year. Fortunate for me (and my Sisterlocks), my crown survived the stress and thrived.

Now that my locs are long, I’ve become less willing to do much at all to them. Honestly, it’s a challenge to shampoo them every ten days. I’ve become so accustomed to doing nothing. I love my loose locs, wavy or straight, and while I’ve flirted with the idea of coloring them, I’m afraid the maintenance of the color would be counterproductive. I’m not willing to commit to coloring my locs right now.

I am thinking about trimming my locs so they will be even in the back, but my cousin, who has Brotherlocks, thinks I should leave them alone. What say you? These are pictures of my last reti so that you can see what I mean.

Now that I’m single again, I’ve encountered some real characters. 😂 I’m always amazed by how forward some men can be – like their opinions about MY hair matters to me. I’ve never had the pleasure of “dating” with locs, so I figure any man who approaches me MUST KNOW that my locs and me…well, we’re a team. The financial investment, alone, is enough for me to pause; I’m not changing my hair for ANY man. I’ve matured.

When I think about maturity, in general, I think about being full-grown. My locs are now mature, but they are still evolving. How is that possible? Well, as I age, I have more grays. The length is also another part of the evolution. People often ask me how long will I allow my locs to grow. My answer is simple: as long as they will grow. Here are a few more pictures of the locs – doing their own grown thang.

I’ve been trying this product, and I can tell you that ALL smell yummy! My loctician, April, says they do not leave any build up on the scalp. Try this…if you have mature locs! Check out these black-owned products at:

I’m still taking biotin daily; still hydrating well daily. Both of these are essential to maintaining healthy locs. My next reti is in the morning, and I can’t wait.

I pray that you, too, are doing well…thriving and surviving!

Until next time,

Andi D. 😘

6 responses to “Year 5 is Sublime – Mature Locs”

  1. Teresa K. Anderson, Ed.D. Avatar

    Thank you, Soror, for sharing your journey from beginning to current. I am scheduled to have my installation on October 16, 2021, and I was nervous because I have low-density fine hair 3-5 inches, and many of the posts are people with length and thicker hair, and I could not envision how short hair would look. I appreciate your blog, and you are an inspiration!

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  2. Teresa Karen Anderson, Ed.D. Avatar
    Teresa Karen Anderson, Ed.D.

    Thanks, Soror, for having this blog. I am scheduled for my installation on October 16, 2021, and I have been nervous because I have fine low-density hair, and it is 3-4 inches. I struggled with how my hair would look when you see most people starting with longer and thicker hair. Thanks for sharing your journey from beginning to now. It is inspiring!

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Soror, my hair journey is/was so connected to how I feel/felt about myself, my image, my femininity…from Day 1. I knew that I was all in on installation day, and in retrospect, I don’t think there is anyone or anything that could have changed my mindset about the decision to loc my hair. I was willing to go through every stage, publicly, and deal with every emotion connected to my choice. Experience every moment of it so that you can appreciate the evolution. Your hair will change every day. You will change every day as you embrace your new babies. I wish you the best on your journey. ♥️🤍


  3. Kim Avatar

    Oh my goodness Queen! Your locs are beautiful no matter the color, length, or texture. Like you said let them do their own thing. When the time comes then you will know how and what to do with your locs. I have grays to but hey they are apart of the process. You are beautiful and strong! The Most High will bring you someone who will be stronger who can match your self worth and purpose.

    Blessings! THANK YOU for wanting to share your journey.

    Love and locs,

    Lady Kim

    FYI – one year in and loving my journey.

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Lady Kim, thank you for your POSITIVE ENERGY!!! Peace and blessings to you! ♥️


  4. avonladyceleste Avatar

    Simply beautiful ! Thank you for sharing your journey along the way, even considerations as you grow your locks. I could only imagine if I were single the additional elements that some have to consider when dating. I’m glad that you are happy and confident in being you!

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