One of the most noticeable changes in my hair, two years and nine months into this journey, is the obvious growth that accompanies minimal manipulation and “processing” of my hair using heat and commercial products designed to tame, smooth, and moisturize my hair. Less is more with Sisterlocs, and each retightening cycle proves the validity of this truth. For so long now, I didn’t see how the sides of my hair could possibly catch up with the back, but a growth spurt has inspired a definite change. The pictures above and immediately below are from my Good Friday reti, April 19th.

I am still taking one 10,000 mcg of biotin daily and a daily multivitamin for 50+ women (with my evening meal). I continue to spritz my locs with a prepared rose water and glycerin solution by Heritage Store (available on Amazon) every other morning. I give my edges extra attention with the spritz to ensure they are properly moisturized. You may find, like me, that your frontal edges are most delicate and can become dry and brittle without extra care. My theory is the daily face washing with cleansers and makeup application and removal subjects this facial area to more manipulation and drying agents.

During the time between now and my last reti in March, I experimented with a day of shampoo braiding of my hair which gave it a soft wave. The results are below:

Toward the end of the pre-Good Friday reti, I pulled up my hair in a poof. While my edges are not smooth, I still believe that to stay true to my belief that less is more with my hair, my journey will not include smoothing, processing, brushing, gelling, and combing edges to give them the classic smooth look. I’m happy to be nappy (and as it turn out-gray)! It was reti time for sure, but I was ready for work and looking cute! 😍

As I notice more and more wiry gray strands, I contemplate color…but I flinch when I think about how color may change the texture and feel of my hair. Just a thought…to be continued…

I’m going to wear one of my Loc Socs more this reti cycle to see if it makes a difference in taming my frizzies. My locs are still evolving, and most of them are frizzy in the middle of the loc. I’m committed to the ten-day clarifying shampoo cycle still, and I’ll add an apricot and grapeseed loc oil by Tiffany’s Loc Jewels. You can check out her products here: Makes your locs smell yummy!

The growth spurt continues…as you can see from my latest reti results above. I’ll return with an update after my June 2nd reti to let you know how the Loc Soc and loc oil changed my locs.

Until then, Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Andi D😘

8 responses to “Two Retis Until Year 3 – Growth Spurt!”

  1. Tannisha Dennis Avatar
    Tannisha Dennis

    Hi Andi,

    I’ve just found your blog and oh my gosh it’s been so useful. I’ve had my locs for 1 week today and I cant get enough of them. They are shorter already ( ooo the shrinkage is real) and your pictures have given me hope that this phase does not last long.

    I’m going on holiday soon and my only worry is water, heat and sun exposure. Have you been on holiday with your locs?

    I’m from the UK and not used to heat every day Haha


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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Hi, Tannisha! Congratulations on your install! I hope you love every phase of its evolution, as I have.

      Unfortunately, I am NOT the active vacation-goer. 😁 Generally, I am sleeping, resting, eating, walking, resting some more…and I do not spend any time in the water, even if I go to a tropical location. I would, however, advise you to cover your locs with a swim cap if swimming and a hat or scarf if you’ll be exposed to lots of sun. The tips of my hair have been “bleached” by the sun, but it’s not due to sun-bathing; just normal sunroof (car) exposure and exercising (walking) in the elements. Lots of heat and sun here in Memphis!

      Take good care of your internal health, drink lots and lots of water, and try biotin (if you’re into supplements). All will help your locs flourish. Thanks for reading and please, come back for more.

      Andi D


  2. Plain Jane Sisterlocks on Youtube Avatar

    Hey 👋🏽Andi,
    Your hair looks so healthy and has grown so much – watching your journey can’t believe how time has gone so quickly!

    You look so stunning and I enjoy reading your blog as I too am now just 4 months ahead of you on my journey.

    Just wondered if you’ve ever thought of doing a short compilation of your Sisterlock journey photos into a Youtube channel – your look fabulous 🌹

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Hey, Jane! I saw your latest video a week or so ago, and I wouldn’t even know how to compile one myself. I’m finding less and less time to blog, so keeping up with a YouTube channel would be another challenge for me. I really just wanted to share the start of my journey with my subscribers because I had difficulty finding descriptive narratives of emotional and physical transformation after Sisterlocks. I’ll be three years along in my journey this July. I have to decide if I want to continue to chronicle my growth or move onto other interests.


  3. Tonya Avatar

    Hi Andi.

    Your hair is so beautiful. I am so excited that I finally made the decision to go with SLs after years of contemplation. I’ll be starting with 2.5-4 inches of hair (tapered cut). Thank you for sharing your journey with amazing details. It’s truly helpful for newbies like myself.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you, Tonya! The tapered cut will give you beautiful layers as your locs lengthen. I hope you, too, will chronicle your journey for others. Happy Easter!


      1. Shay Avatar

        Hi…who does your locs? Are they on social media?

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      2. AndisLocks Avatar

        Hi, Shay! April E. is on FB…not sure about other platforms: @AChantale Hair Studio.


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