Happy New Year!

November 1st ushered in a milestone birthday for me: Welcome, Andi, to that Half-Centenarian Life! I can go on and on and on…and on about the hormonal changes, the metabolic changes, the mindset shifts, and the many ways that I am choosing to embrace being 50, and I’m here for ALL of it! Thank God that I’m in relatively good health (no chronic or debilitating illnesses), but I could stand to lose some weight and make time for consistent exercise. While I’m also feeling a need to accept some things about my body, how it responds to foods I love, and how much more important it is for me to balance comfort as the primary reason for fashion, I realize at this age, I really do think less of what people think about me – not because that’s naturally who I am, but because the energy I must expend to please others is just too exhausting. “Keeping up with the Joneses” by making sure I have the latest fashion accessories, highest-heeled shoes, expensive make-up palettes, spa-like body treatments, and trend-setting clothes is way low on my priority list. I’m pretty happy with extensive comfort and a self-care regimen that is consistent, scheduled, and centered on my hair, hands, feet, and skin.

My “crown of glory” continues to reign supreme among my self-care priorities. I remain on a retightening schedule of every six weeks, although my consultant and I are noticing a “growth spurt” over the past several months. I stopped taking biotin supplements for about six months and recently restarted taking one 10,000 mcg daily, so this may explain the spurt. I’m also lessening my sugar intake, so that may also factor into my overall healthy hair benefits.

Below are pictures of my November 4th retightening session. I asked my consultant to take more “scalpy” shots to show how each loc is sectioned. My hair is still evolving; the frizzy, fuzzy strands of this teen stage lessens each shampoo.

I’m still amazed by the growth I’ve seen within just a three month calendar span:

Below are pictures of my December 16th retightening session.

I can see the “hangtime” for real now, and I’m thankful that the versatility of Sisterlocks means that my thick hair is not hot and heavy. These hot flashes ain’t no joke!

Turning 50 and recognizing how blessed I am to still be here, happy, healthy, and among my good friends and loving family, means I get to do a few things I’ve always wanted to do. When I was 16, I had a left ear cartilage piercing that I allowed to close because it was taking so long to heal. Well, I revisited that piercing a few days ago and opted for a double piercing (both ears). Here’s the video of my right ear being pierced:

And the left…I’m telling my cousin, Randy, “It hurts, but it’s tolerable.” I plan to have many more experiences like this in 2019. After all, YOLO!

January 2019 will bring new opportunities within my career as well. I’m beginning a new role, and I’m so fortunate to do what I love as I continue to grow and stretch as a K-12 instructional leader. What lies ahead of me is so much greater than what I leave behind. I truly feel that in my spirit.

Here’s to an awesome beginning to 2019 for you, my friends! God’s peace and blessings to you and yours!

Andi D 😘

7 responses to “50 Years Old and Two and a Half Years Loc’ed”

  1. Erica Avatar

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I will have my Locs installed August 2020. Like you, I turned 50 and decided “it’s time to be me for me”. I got a cartilage piercing, tragus piercing, 2 additional and wanting more! My decision to finally get Locs was faced with many disapproving head shakes and questions. And like you, I hear “ how long are you going to keep them”? I am 50….this is it and I am okay with it-now you be!!!

    Continue enjoying life (Soror) Your Locs are BEAUTIFUL- you look more vibrant and happy as your journey progresses.
    – all my love, peace and happiness

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Bless you, Soror Erica! Let’s just LIVVVEEEEE!! Let me know how your journey is progressing after your install. I am going to post a new blog entry soon; I’ve been adjusting to a new normal at work, and I just haven’t had the energy to do much else.
      Best of luck to you! 😘


  2. tonyals Avatar

    Thank you 🙏🏾. Quick question…I read that you took Biotin during your journey. Do you think it helped with your growth?

    Thank you again and enjoy your day!


    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thanks for subscribing! I’ll probably post a new entry this week since I’m on Spring Break.

      I believe the biotin has helped with my hair and nails. My skin seems to have some adverse reactions to it, but I’ve chalked it up to reversing the bad. I stopped taking the biotin for six months at the start of year two, and restarted it about six months ago. I definitely think it helps with the growth and strength of my locs. Just one mcg daily…I take mine at night, along with a multivitamin.

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      1. Tonya Avatar

        Great. Thank you!


  3. tonyals Avatar

    I loved reading your blog. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I will have my Sisterlocks installed in June, 2019. I am so excited.

    Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you so much for reading! The journey continues…my 3-year locversary is just a few months away. Year Two has seen crazy growth, so I’m excited about what year three will bring. Best of luck to you on your journey! It’ll be the BEST hair decision you’ve ever made!

      Liked by 1 person

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