For the Love of Locs: Take All Of Me or Leave Me Alone

Happy New Year! Of course, it’s mid-February, and 2022 has begun with a bang! I’m grateful to be here…still blogging…AND still LOVING my Sisterlocks! It’s the best hair decision I’ve ever made, and this year, during 2022, I’m going to do something drastic with my locs…major cut OR major color.

Work Look
Before the Temp Color-Plaits with Temp Color
After – Braid Out Close Up
After the Braid Out
Work ‘Do
Long Hair – I Care

Interestingly, I tried a temporary color this month, and I think I need to apply it heavier to get more noticeable results. The product smells nice, and I even thought it made my hair more conditioned (if that makes sense). Not softer, just more polished. The temporary hair color is called Gemini Naturals. If you want to try a temporary color that’s easy to apply and relatively inexpensive, go for it: There are several colors, and the tutorials are first-class. Beautiful Black women in all hues and hair textures are represented. I purchased Plain Jane (because it was on sale – no color) and Blush, a coppery tone, as the color.

I need to vent for just a few seconds. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m discovering that (a few) men are so audacious that they believe they can tell you what to do with YOUR hair. If there is something that I don’t like about a man’s physical appearance…guess what? He doesn’t have to worry about me in his face – at all. I’m not going to spend one second trying to change anyone’s physical appearance. Not so with (a few) men. They will wine you, dine you, read your blog about the freedom you enjoy with your beautiful loc’ed tresses – every entry, and then ask you…are you going to straighten your hair?

Dude. No. This is it. Love me or leave me. 🤣

All jokes aside, for me, it is really about respecting boundaries. I’m pretty set in my ways. More important, I’ve never loved my whole being at any other time as I love myself now. I’m so at peace and happy with every aspect of my life. Anyone who joins this peaceful space won’t walk into it asking me to change ANYTHING about my physical appearance. I’ve worked too hard, shed too many people, places, and things, and seen too many therapists to resolve that my hairstyle is standing between me and my one true love. God has a sense of humor, but not like that.

I said all of that to say this: we know, instinctively, when someone is (or is not) for us. If you meet someone, and you say, “He’d be perfect if…She’d be the bomb if…,” know that he’s not perfect, nor is she the bomb. Red flags 🚩 are God’s gift to those who are self-aware and seeking life-affirming, positive experiences and interactions with others. While physical appearance certainly is not the sum total of our being, we are drawn to what is attractive and aesthetically pleasing to us. I want an enduring love with a Black man…but not at any cost. If I must disengage from my loc journey to be with you, you ain’t the one for me. Look for who inspires the best in you and doesn’t leave you wanting someone else.

Until next time,

Andi D😘

2 responses to “For the Love of Locs: Take All Of Me or Leave Me Alone”

  1. Margie J Nelson Avatar
    Margie J Nelson

    Your hair is beautiful, you keep it tight. Mines was messed up from the get go trying to get it right ,but it can be to late.

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