Loc’ed Up During A Pandemic – March, April & May 2020

Hi, everyone!

12 Weeks

My last retightening was February 9, 2020, so it’s been just over 12 weeks since my last salon visit. Now that we are living through a pandemic, all hair salons and businesses are on hold; it’s becoming more distressing by the day. I’m concerned about my locs…not worried, but concerned.

While my hair appears to be strong and healthy still, I can’t help thinking that it is becoming more fragile because I have so much new growth. My fear is I’ll have to learn how to reti my own hair or look for someone who is ready to return to work (perhaps in their home) if my consultant doesn’t schedule me soon. I’m trying to be patient and safe; my consultant has small children, so I understand her need to protect her family. I, on the other hand, do not have children – just a husband, who is perhaps more challenging to handle than her little ones. 😀

Here are a few pictures from that February reti…and beyond.

After the reti, I wore my hair pulled back a few times.

TGIF! Looking Like My Momma
That February Reti is Still Looking Good
The week of pre-Spring Break

I went on a Spring Break cruise to the western Caribbean March 12-16…returned stateside to a whole new world, one controlled by the fears of COVID-19. Upon returning, it was time for my next reti by week’s end, but it just couldn’t happen – the state shut down all hair service businesses and panic set in among the community.

Outside by the pool: Zoom calling with staff

I’m hopeful that I will hear something soon about when my next reti can happen. Until then, I’ll just continue to shampoo my locs to keep my locs pollen-free and my scalp squeaky clean, and pray for the best!

Until we meet again,

Andi D😘

2 responses to “Loc’ed Up During A Pandemic – March, April & May 2020”

  1. Margie Nelson Avatar
    Margie Nelson

    Andi your loc look good and really healthy and pretty. I am still in search of someone in Louisville who does locs . I want them for my hair. Can you refer anyone in Louisville ky.?
    Thanks Margie Nelson

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thanks, Margie! I’m in Memphis, TN, so I do not know consultants in other states, even neighboring ones. According to the official Sisterlocks website, the following are licensed consultants in the state of Kentucky:

      Sheila Dorsey (314-496-6530 or sheila_d0@yahoo.com);

      ​Janai Thomas (859-513-3635 or leo1luvnai@gmail.com);

      Regina “Kattie” Campbell (502-751-0962 or rgncmpbll@yahoo.com);

      Brea Fox (615-693-0198 or brea_fox24@gmail.com);

      You would have to reach out to one or more for a consultation. They may have their own website or social media pages for you to follow and see how they have maintained the locs of their clientele.

      Best of luck researching and finding someone reputable in your area!


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