This year has been life-changing…already. I’ve undergone a lot of changes, both physically and emotionally, since the start of 2017. I’m 8.5 months into my Sisterlock journey, and nothing much has changed about my hair freedom and ease of style because my baby locks are still growing, maturing, and transitioning. I had my seventh retightening on March 15th, and I’m as much in love now with my hair as I was on July 24, 2016 walking out of the salon after two days of sitting patiently through my install.

Here are some pictures throughout February 2017 that showcase my hair, on any given day. My hair continues to evolve:

Fortunate for me, I’ve been on a personal weight loss journey as well, and 45 pounds of weight off of my knees and ankles since November has freed me to move, dress, and care for my mind and body in ways I haven’t been able to in the last decade. It’s noticeable in my face, but the smaller mid-section is my greatest joy. I’m experimenting with more colorful clothing now. Some days, I’m really “feeling myself.” Some days, I wonder if my hair may suffer from the weight loss. 

Not only has my physical body undergone some changes, so have my confidence and energy levels. I’m wearing more colorful clothing instead of fading into the neutrality of all-black everything. 

Below are some pictures I took on the day of my retightening. My hair is super thick, always has been, but around week five or six prior to my retis, there is no visible grid. That one “Superfly” lock in the front stands out; she always finds a way to grace my forehead. 😁

The picture above really emphasizes natural texture and natural color. I have pledged to stay color-free, and I still have many curly ends at month eight. I have enough locking and budding to leave me optimistic that my hair is doing what it should be doing after eight months. 

Here is a before and after picture that shows growth and thickness. The picture on the right is my install date in July 2016. The one on the left is my latest reti on Wednesday, March 15, 2017:

Here is a view of the back:


As I continue to spread my wings, move forward in all areas of my life, some days I question my decisions and reflect on what I should have done. My hair? I’ve never second-guessed that lifestyle change. All is well in a home without a comb or a brush. All is well with my Sisterlocks.

3 responses to “Eight Months – Loc’ed & Loaded”

  1. Plain Jane sisterlocks on YouTube Avatar
    Plain Jane sisterlocks on YouTube

    My my your locks are coming along real fine – the growth is amazing and your skin looks flawless- complementing the coloured ends on your hair.
    I’m now at one Year two months and remembered getting a growth spurt from 9 months onwards 👍🏾
    Enjoying reading the blog and isn’t it amazing the new found love we have for our hair and the impact in other areas e.g new healthy eating, juicing & more focused on excercse- improving ones lifestyle – has sisterlocks impacted you in any other areas of your life for the better ?

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  2. Ritajayne Rivera Avatar
    Ritajayne Rivera

    Andi. You look stunning. From head to toe
    I’m loving everything about your total look.
    Your hair is really gorgeous and amazing
    My baby Sisterlocks are 3weeks old. Do you remember when yours were that new. My hair is thin and somewhat stringy but that’s ok with me. I’m loving every minute of being Sisterlocked. Keep the updates coming. Peace and blessings to you and yours

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you, Ritajayne! I do remember my third week, and I remember thinking that my hair looked like little “curly brown worms” stuck to my head. LOL! My scalp was still spacey back then, so you could see swirls of scalp and hair pretty easily. My hair was too short to hide the spaces, but I wasn’t self-conscious at all. I was proud of my new look and thrilled to pieces to wake up, place a warm and damp towel over my head to move my babies after removing my Loc Soc, and just gooooooo! Enjoy every moment of your journey! Your hair is going to grow so fast!


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