I’m not a procrastinator, but it seems as if I am always running, walking fast, or rushing somewhere. Turning 48 years old recently has left me wanting to slow down, just a bit, and be more intentional about caring for my needs. I’ve been swamped with staying afloat at work, and I haven’t made an opportunity to sit down and just…write. How’s my hair? I definitely got 99 problems, but my Sisterlocks ain’t one! Interestingly, I’ve had so many moments of reflection over the past month, but I couldn’t find the energy to reflect AND write until now. I want to talk about progression, in general, and how slow progression, in particular, can be most fulfilling. 

Do you ever think back on any period of your life when you were young and carefree? What did that feel like? What was happening slowly for you…and you were fine with the snail’s pace? I think about my college years, the giddiness of first love, the first apartment I struggled to maintain, buying my first home, the first few road trips I took with my sorority sisters, the newness of career change…I think about my hair and all of the progressions I’ve experienced just over the past year. 

My hair continues to do its own thing; my babies are in a puffy stage now…slowly progressing. I am still enjoying the fact that I do virtually nothing to my hair. It’s not long enough to “style,” and its messy, carefreeness is what I most love about this hair decision. A quick rub to loosen my flattened locs in the morning when I remove my Loc Soc, a brief scalp massage at night to stimulate my follicles and encourage blood flow before applying my Loc Soc, and a 5-6 week retightening and shampoo are all I need. 

Here are more closeups of my baby locs. Still curly, for the most part, not fully locked…but slowly progressing.

I’m seeing progress in the growth of my hair. Here I am during Week One – so excited about the journey! 

And here I am in my current state, Week Fifteen, and I can definitely see the growth. Progressing slowly, but surely. 

Work Day Look

Best Hair Decision EVER. Play Day Look. 

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