One of my primary reasons for posting weekly updates is because I wanted to share pictures and my thoughts about my Sisterlocks progression in a very transparent way. I’m discovering that, from week to week, changes in my hair are not appreciable to anyone who is considering Sisterlocks as a lifestyle. Sure, I can post numerous weekly selfies and close-ups of my texture and loc changes, but they aren’t as noticeable as a monthly pictorial of what is happening with my hair. I’ll post the week before and the week after any scheduled reti; however, generally, you’ll hear from me less frequently. 

My hair is progressing nicely; the locs are stringy in some sections, but I’m told they will thicken over time. Oh…please excuse my fresh face and my red “goggles.” Those jokers are the truth! I can see  into TOMORROW! 😂😂

Here is a closeup photo of my locs; they look like little springy curls. My hair is lighter on the tips due to sun exposure. This fact is most noticeable in good lighting.

I’m still loving the ease and low, low maintenance of them.

During my pre-Sisterlocks research period, I encountered several women who were willing to share their hair journey with me. Through a series of mobile texts, mini-conversations, direct messaging on social media, I was able to ask questions to gauge my seriousness and final decision-making about this choice. Since I knew it would be a permanent one for me, I reached out to sisters who were wearing their locks proudly. I’ve been reflecting a lot on a discussion I had with a sorority sister who seemed guarded, although she stated that she would be willing to discuss her experience. I forced the conversation further one afternoon by telling her who I was considering as my consultant, and her response was simple, pointed, and short…”She is crazy.” Considering the ideological bond we share through our sisterhood, when anyone you admire makes an unapologetic statement such as this, it can cause some anxiety. I do not know the nature of her contact with my consultant, but it caused me to pause because I also had been privy to the exact opposite reaction from another sorority sister who uses the same consultant. It made me wonder, back then, who might be a bit off track? I chose my consultant anyway, based on my initial consultation with her, and I am glad I made the decision to trust my locs to her.

Here is another closeup of the right side of my hair. You can see how the ends are really little curls…some dense, some loose, and some are just little hairy balls. I have some gray sprinkled on both sides of my hair, nearest my ear.

Now that I’m over trying to find a consultant who is appreciated by all or wondering what my locks will look like with my face, I can enjoy my new reality…that I can dress and go…no longer do I have to “do” my ‘do. It’s easy to be obsessed with your hair when you have Sisterlocks. It is the only hairstyle that has allowed me to be me, free, natural, and unbothered about what others think or believe about my hair. The investment, in my opinion, pays for itself over and over again in heightened self-esteem and acute self-awareness.

4 responses to “Week Seven: Why am I obsessed with my hair?”

  1. Ritajayne Rivera Avatar
    Ritajayne Rivera

    Hi Andi. It’s been only 19 days for me. My hair is very short and fine. Slippage at the bottom back but I’m not concerned. the short locks are extremely curlyand I’m hoping that over time as they grow they will not be so curly. Your hair is thick and lovely. I’m glad I watched your videos. They were what helped me to lock up. God bless. Looking forward to your next post

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      The journey is so worth it! By day 19, I was in another world…so proud of the tiny changes. Keep following…Good luck!


  2. Plain Avatar

    Oh your is coming on – it looks great 👍🏼

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  3. Plain Jane Avatar
    Plain Jane

    Your hair is coming on beautifully. Yes, Sisterlock on YouTube,blogs,groups etc can sometimes leave you questioning any minor flaws we find in our Sisterlock journey – it really is true that we should not compare sisterlocks as each persons journey and hair is so different… each beautiful in their own way! Hope you are well 🇬🇧

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