One of the strangest things about having baby locs is understanding when it is appropriate to shampoo one’s hair. Going from a twice weekly shampoo or co-wash to a scalp massage and ruffling of the fingers through my little locks is about all I do daily. I’m a member of a FB page dedicated to the care of Sisterlocks, and the opinions vary, as much as the lock lengths and personalities of my fellow sisters, about when is the best time to shampoo. Indeed, I’ve seen posts about everything from three (3) HOURS post-install to six (6) WEEKS post-install before shampooing. I wasn’t concerned about shampooing my hair during Week One and Two, and at the start of Week Three; there are no products being applied to my hair, so what was I trying to wash away from my scalp and hair? Product buildup and odor were not concerns either, but by the end of Week Three, I had slightly more scalp itchiness. I assume the natural oils from my scalp are the culprit. Now that Week Five is here, my hair doesn’t smell as fresh, but it’s not offensive. I’ve asked my husband for verification. ☺️  Never once plagued with dandruff or flaky scalp, my hair continues to grow, quickly, and from this picture, you can see that my scalp is not flaky although my hair has not been shampooed since July 23rd.

It makes me wonder-why some Sisters are able to shampoo soon after installation and others must wait weeks for the warmth of water and the soothing properties of shampoo.  Perhaps most shocking to me is that my hair remains “oily” although I have not added any oils since my install. I’m thinking about my ‘fro prior to install and how dry it seemed in comparison. I also wonder why Sisterlocks lend themselves to natural oils producing, but my ‘fro could not thrive without product to protect its fragile ends. Perhaps those curly ends, which are struggling to lock, are protecting my hair from its roots.

Above: The picture on the right (maroon tee) is my hair right after install. The one on the left is three weeks post install.

The picture above was taken just moments ago (Sunday, August 21st) prior to the release of this post. I spend a lot of time with my cousin, RJ, and he thinks my hair is progressing as it should. Because I have decided that my consultant will maintain my locks, I will wait until her cue for my next shampoo. I suspect within the next week or so, I’ll be sitting in her chair. I’m pleased that my hair has grown about one half inch since my install a month ago. While that’s not surprising growth, it is a healthy start to the length that will, eventually, giving me the styling versatility I want with my Sisterlocks.

Until next week….

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