The first time I ever cut my hair was when I was 18 years old, a senior at Central High School. At that time, I was dating the star quarterback at Whitehaven High School, and he had two very doting older sisters who took me under their wings and “transformed” me to attend their little brother’s prom. In the late 80’s, R&B soul singer, Anita Baker, was at the height of her singing career, so short relaxed hair was definitely “in.” Everyone who could pull off a short ‘do wanted the “Anita Baker cut!” That was May 1987.

I stumbled onto the manicured lawns of Vanderbilt University in August 1987, a bright-eyed freshman from Memphis, TN…and that short hair cut was my “signature” for most of my four years at Vandy. I couldn’t afford to maintain the cut while away from home, so when I returned to Memphis for breaks, I was always treated to a relaxer retouch and of course, a razor-precision cut by the late Lonnie at Lonnie’s Hair Salon on E. Raines.

I have always adored short hair styles. My bold facial features are complemented by short hair, so transitioning to natural hair and a TWA was a very easy one for me.

Below are several pictures, from 1987-2013, that depict me with short, relaxed hair:

Prom 1987-The short cut that started it all

2002-with my puppy (at the time), Trinity

2009-Short & Sassy

2012-post Wedding

Again, 2012


2013-started to grow out my hair again

2013-Birthday Gift: Jill Scott Concert

2010-growing out my hair…once again

1990-Junior Year at Vandy

2009-the shortest that I ever wore my relaxed hair. My hair was like a little cap; I didn’t have to comb it at all. 

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