Oxford Dictionary defines an “updo” as: “A women’s hairstyle in which the hair is swept up and fastened away from the face and neck.” I’ve always loved the look of a classic updo. For me, an updo was an easy way to mimic “short hair” when my hair was longer because it was pulled up, tucked in, in a top knot, ponytail, or strategically pinned in place to draw the attention to my facial features. Updos can be messy, sleek, structured, wavy, curly, off the face, on the face, teased-doesn’t really matter; if the hair on your head is pulled up in the back, combed back from your face, and the front of your hair frames or exposes your face, to me, it’s the perfect updo. My current TWA makes styling an updo impossible, so I took some time to look back at all the ways I have worn my hair pulled up or styled in an updo:

Circa 1990: I can’t remember, but I think I let my hair grow out a bit that year or my sides were combed and slicked back with gel on the sides to give the appearance of an updo.

July 2012: Making the most out of that wedding day hair piece with a little gel during the summer months ☺️

June 2014: Same hair piece-on the job hunt for the first time in my teaching career

January 2015: Fresh back to work from the Winter Break and many lazy hair days

February 2015: Functional and easy updo for the Tennessee Delta Cluster weekend hosted by my Alumnae Chapter

April 2015: Prom Night

And again…April 2015: National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

May 2015: Senior Class Day

And again…May 2015: Sorority Meeting Saturday

June 2015: Las Vegas with The Girlz

July 2015-Sorority Meeting Saturday yet again

August 2015:  First few days of the new school year-after a full day of In-Service

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