New Year! New Attitude! New ME! I spent the last 15 days or so of 2015 getting used to my new hair and introducing my new look to my family and my close friends. Now, I would take my “show on the road” by returning to work after the holiday and returning to social media after a ten week hiatus.

This is the first picture I posted on FaceBook after my hiatus-January 2016:


My new look was well received by my students and colleagues, as well as by my friends and family on social media…there was, of course, that other acceptance, my husband, Frank. His acceptance of my hair deserves a separate post, so I will return to Frank’s love (or lack thereof) of my hair much later on during this journey. My hair journey is just that-about me and no one else.


Over the next few weeks, I became more intimate with my growing TWA, and I was excited about the health of my hair-I wore those wiry graying temples like a badge of courage! My hair seemed to get thicker by the day!


Hair 4

Hair 5

Overwhelming, the response to my Big Reveal was positive. There is always the occasional, “Your hair looks good on you! It wouldn’t look good on me.” “Why did you cut your beautiful hair?” “What happened to your hair?” “What did you do to your hair?” “Are you going to color your hair?” And of course, my favorite, “What does Frank think about your hair?”

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