I am a member of two Sisterlocks social media communities that are very similar in name, so many of the members share dual membership within these social media outlets. I consider it a “community” of sorts; like-minded Sisters who share a love for natural hair and the maintenance of Sisterlocks. I see many posts that often challenge the path that my Sisterlocks consultant has advised. Because I trust her advice, and I have seen the fruit of her labor, I follow her advice to the letter. It makes me wonder, however, how or why the information varies so much, within the community, around the maintenance of Sisterlocks. For example, from the start, I was advised not to get my Sisterlocks wet unless I am getting them shampooed, after bundling and banding. On these pages, I constantly see posts advising newly installed Sisters to spritz their locs with rose water or water infused with natural oils to “add moisture” or to “style” them. I wonder if the daily water serves as an attractant for dust and any other airborne particles which may inhibit growth. Another example is when or if coloring your hair is advisable. I’m on the fence about color, in general, but most posts encourage Sisters to go for it…as long as your hair is truly locked. Most often, if you know that color appeals to your sense of individual expression, you should color your hair PRIOR to your installation so that, at a minimum, maintaining the roots is easier to do while the hair is locking. The thing about color is, if you’re fickle like me, when the color no longer appeals to you, you may be stuck with an even greater challenge and less appealing option, especially if you choose the “blond” family of colors-growing out light hair with very dark roots. I wonder if the coloring process changes the texture and feel of natural hair. I’ve only lightened my hair when it was chemically relaxed, so my experience differs. Coloring my relaxed tresses thinned my usual thick and coarse hair; it also changed the texture and feel of my relaxed hair.

Now that I’m eleven weeks in, I’ve had my second retightening at this point. I’m still convinced…installing my Sisterlocks this summer was the best hair decision I’ve ever made! 

Prior to my second retightening, my hair is thick and my scalp is definitely in need of a good shampooing. My grid is not visible; it is time. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016: The retightening begins after a long day of working. My hair is retightened and bundled in sections.

This left side is completely finished.

Almost two hours later, my hair is completely retightened and bundled & banded for shampooing. This time we retightened first, before shampooing. For the first retightening, we retightened most and finished some edges after shampooing. 

Post shampoo, my hair is towel patted to soak up some of the moisture, the bands are snipped away and finger-combed to loosen the bundles. Then, I sit under a warm dryer for about 4-5 minutes.

My scalp is hand-massaged and my hair is loosely styled using finger-combing. Here is the back of my hair.

Here is the front of my newly retightened hair.

9 responses to “Week Eleven: Second Retightening Session”

  1. Plain Jane Avatar
    Plain Jane

    Hiya really enjoy reading your well written blog- your so beautiful & your hair is certainly growing nicely. I continue to support your journey – how are you getting on braiding & banding ? Attempted your first Bantu knots yet ? Great update

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you so much, Plain Jane! I haven’t attempted any “styles” yet; I’m still enjoying the freedom of “no style” which is a huge part of the hair struggle I wanted to escape. With SLs, doing nothing to my hair is doing so much for my hair! I am committed to allowing my consultant to care exclusively for my hair during this first year, so she is the only person who has bundled and handed my hair. I’m not convinced my hair is long enough to braid…just yet. I have my third retightening tomorrow. I’ll try to post pictures this weekend. Thanks for following! Looking forward to your next video!


  2. Margaret Avatar

    Enjoyed reading. Tfs

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  3. Debra Avatar

    Thanks for sharing you blog I will be following you.

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you, Debra! I’ll have a new post in a couple of weeks, if not next. I want to focus more on my feelings about others’ feelings about my hair in my next blog entry. Thanks for subscribing!


  4. Anita Usher Avatar
    Anita Usher

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I am excited about starting my SL journey soon. Your story gives me insight and hope for the future of my new hair journey. Can’t wait to see more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you, Anita! This is simply the best hair decision I have ever made. Every single day, I smile…run my fingers through my babies, and keep it moving!


  5. Ritajayne Rivera Avatar
    Ritajayne Rivera

    Your gorgeous and your hair is gorgeous. I love reading about your hair journey. It’s very inspiring. God bless 🎶💛🎶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      Thank you! You are too kind! I am loving the freedom of SL, and I am so happy to be on this journey!


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