I’m still on a natural high and loving the freedom of Sisterlocks! I never have to wonder what I’ll do with my hair, and my hair will never be my excuse for not being ready at a moment’s notice. I’m never “having a bad hair day,” and my lifestyle is blessed by more opportunities to sleep longer (not fussing with my hair), get ready sooner (not wondering what to do with my hair), and spend more time doing the things I love on the weekends and after work (because I’m no longer a slave to the salon). 

These are pictures of my hair on Wednesday night, August 24th, the evening before my first retighten (follow-up after install). Grid lines are difficult to see.

On Thursday, August 25th, I had my first bundling and banding, shampoo after install, and retightening (reti).

Here is a picture of the bundling and banding process. Most of these locks were retightened, then bundled and banded (prior to my shampoo).

My consultant shampooed my hair using the Sisterlocks shampoo, massaged my scalp, and shampooed my hair twice more before my bundled and banded sections were taken down. Next, I sat under a warm dryer for roughly five minutes for my consultant to finish the reti around the top and edges of my hair.

You can see the difference between my reti’ed front here:

and last night’s pre-reti’ed front in the picture below. The grid is more apparent:

Here is the back of my hair, post-shampoo and reti:

My cousin, Randy (RJ) says I’ll be “throwing them locs in no time.” 😍

Here are a couple of side photos of my hair, post-shampoo and reti:

The entire process (bundling, banding, shampooing, and retightening) took about 2.5 hours. Our maintenance plan is for me to visit every five weeks for shampoo and reti. Between visits, I’ll use SEA Breeze Astringent for Skin and Scalp to cleanse my scalp. The astringent is popular for braided and locked styles as it gently removes duling excess oils and dry scalp cuticle. 

My first reti is in the books now! I’m still finding daily joys in my Sisterlocks journey! 

2 responses to “Week Five: What happens during your follow-up after install?”

  1. Plain Jane Avatar
    Plain Jane

    Your hair really is progressing well with noticeable growth from the installation. In week 5, of starting the Sisterlock journey it becomes apparent how much time is freed up once we “shake & go”. No running looking for comb, oils, etc

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    1. AndisLocks Avatar

      The freedom from styling is just so…me!!! Best decision EVER! Looking forward to your 9-month video!


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